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Beer is a beverage that can be crafted or found when looting in 7 Days to Die.


Beer is a beverage usually found in Coolers and Beverage Coolers, or can be crafted after learning the recipe. This recipe can be purchased from the Traders.

Beer's usefulness comes from the buff it provides, Beer Buzz. This buff enables players to travel long distances on foot while still maintaining a high level of stamina.

Beer Buzz

Beer Buzz is a buff players gain upon consuming Beer. This buff lasts for 30 minutes of game-time and gives the player 2 Stamina every second.

Drinking additional Beer can result in the player gaining the debuff, Drunk. This debuff reduces the player's speed similar to the effects of Sprained Leg.


Before crafting Beer, players must purchase the recipe from a Trader. After learning the recipe, Beer can be crafted at the Chemistry Station with the following materials:

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