“Do more damage with bladed weapons and harvest faster if applicable. Gain skill by using items from this group.”


The Blade Weapons (Skill) increases how much damage the player does with the following weapons:

One level of this skill can be purchased for one Skill Point, in additional to leveling up when using the above weapons.


An easy way to level up this skill is to use a Bone Shiv on zombie corpses, this will grant exp for this skill and occasionally Animal Fat will be harvested.

Use the Stone Axe on a zombie corpse to harvest a Large Bone, which can be crafted into a Bone Shiv.


The Blade Weapons (Skill) has the following effects:

Level Blade Weapons Damage Increase
1 - 5 100% - 104%
5 - 11 104% - 107%
11 - 19 107% - 110%
19 - 32 110% - 114%
32 - 49 114% - 119%
49 - 70 119% - 123%
70 - 100 123% - 128%

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