“While not as yummy as grilled meat, boiling is an efficient way to prepare a meal.”


Boiled Meat is an easy to craft Food item that restores 10 Fullness and adds 0.675 to Wellness. Players should cook Raw Meat and Bottled Water at a Campfire with a Cooking Pot to craft Boiled Meat.

Acquiring Raw Meat

Once the player has crafted a Wooden Bow and several Arrows, they should be on the lookout for wild animals (e.g. Stags and Pigs). Once killed, animals corpses can be harvested for several items including Raw Meat.


Similar to Raw Meat, Boiled Meat gives off a smell that can attract nearby zombies even if they don't see the player. These items can be stored in any container, including the the Minibike's Shopping Basket to prevent the smells from attracting zombies.


Boiled Meat is crafted with the following materials at a Campfire Campfire equipped with a CookingPot Cooking Pot:

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