“A core resource for forging that can be used to make ammo casings in the forge.”


Brass is a crafting resource created from scrapping brass items. This item is primarily placed in the Forge to make Brass (Forge), which in turn can be used to craft Bullet Casings.

By itself, Brass can only be used to craft Electronic Components.


The following items can be scrapped to create Brass:


Brass can be crafted in the Forge Forge with the following materials:


Brass is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Electronic Components Electronic Components Electrical Parts 1x Electrical Parts, ScrapBrass 1x Brass, Scrap Plastics 1x Scrap Plastics Workbench Do It Yourself (Perk) Level 3

Patch Notes

  • A16: This item's name was changed from Scrap Brass to Brass with Alpha 16

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