The items on this page are from the Crafting table under "Building". For information on how to build, see Building and Defenses Guide.

Icon Item Entity ID
Bedroll bedroll
Cobblestone Frame
Cobblestone Frame Ramp
Log Cabin Wood Block
Secure Storage Chest
Secure Wood Door
Wood Frame
Wood Frame Full Corner
Wood Frame Inner Corner
Wood Frame Ramp
Wood Frame Wedge
Wood Log
Wood Pillar 100
Wood Plate
Wood Shingles
Wood Shingles Corner
Wood Shingles Gable
Wood Shingles Pyramid
Wood Shingles Ramp
Wood Stairs
Wood Window
Wooden Hatch
Wooden Ladder
Wood Pole
Wooden Support Beam
1/2 Concrete Block
1/4 Concrete Block
1/8 Concrete Block
Adobe Peach Block
Adobe Peach Full Corner
Adobe Peach Pillar 100
Adobe Peach Pillar 50
Adobe Peach Plate
Adobe Peach Pole
Adobe Peach Ramp
Adobe White Ramp Corner
Adobe White Wedge
Adobe White Wedge Tip
And Old Bed
Cobblestone Stairs
Concrete Block 
Concrete Full Corner
Concrete Inside Corner
Concrete Pillar 100
Concrete Pillar 50
Concrete Plate
Concrete Plate Centered
Concrete Pole
Concrete Pyramid
Concrete Ramp
Concrete Ramp Corner
Concrete Stairs
Concrete Trim 2 Block
Concrete Wedge Tip
Desk Safe
Flagstone Block
Flagstone Cabin Ramp
Flagstone Stairs
Gun Safe
Hard Metal Door
King Size Bed
Land Claim Block
Metal Ladder
Mobile Spotlight
Pressure Plate
Red Wood Block
Red Wood Pillar 100
Red Wood Stairs
Reinforced Metal Siding
Scrap Frame
Scrap Frame Full Corner
Scrap Frame Inner Corner
Scrap Fram Ramp
Scrap Frame Wedge
Scrap Iron Grate
Scrap Iron Hatch
Scrap Stairs
Storage Ammo
Storage Building
Storage Explosives
Storage Food
Storage Health
Storage Weapons
Vault Door
Vault Hatch
Wall Safe
Cement Mixer

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