“Open flames and flickering lights like with torches (less so with candles) will attract zombies.”


The Burning Barrel is block that provides light, heat, and is used to craft the Chemistry Station.

Similar to the Campfire, the Burning Barrel emits light and heat but does not provide warmth to a player like the Campfire does with its Warmed by the Fire buff.

This item can be picked up and placed repeatedly with the use key.

This item can only be crafted.


Burning Barrel can be crafted with the following items:


The Burning Barrel is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Chemistry Station Chemistry Station Beaker 2x Beaker, BurningBarrel 1x Burning Barrel, CookingPot 3x Cooking Pot, ShortIronPipe 15x Short Iron Pipe, Wood 15x Wood Workbench Chemistry Station (Perk)

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