Zombies are the core enemy of 7 Days to Die. There are many different types of zombies and all of them have their strength and weaknesses. Zombies move slower during the day and have a smaller aggro range. They also stay relatively close to their spawn areas. At night, however, zombies will run (unless on a server that has that function turned off) and seem more acute to player activity, food smells (some foods do not emit a smell), pay more attention to light sources such as candles, torches, and campfires and will become more aggressive.  

All zombies have melee attacks. Crawlers can be harder to shoot from a distance due to being low to the ground. Some zombies, like the Feral Zombie, are hard to kill and will take multiple headshots with a high-level weapon.

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Zombie List

See Zombie for a complete list of all zombies in-game.

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