“A cement mixer needs a solid foundation and will help you craft materials like concrete or asphalt.”


The Cement Mixer is a crafting station that can mix and create new materials. Before building the Cement Mixer, the player must unlock the Concrete Mixing (Perk) to have access to the crafting recipe.

When in use, the Cement Mixer does generate heat but not as much as a running Forge. In most cases, a running Cement Mixer and Forge will not cause a Screamer zombie to spawn nearby.


The Cement Mixer requires the following materials:

Once Placed the Cement Mixer can be harvested with the Wrench and moved. Any items stored in the Cement Mixer's inventory will be lost if though.

Crafting Recipes

Once placed and crafting levels are met , the Cement Mixer can craft the following items:

Image Item Required Materials Crafting Station
ConcreteMix Concrete Mix CrushedSand 1x Crushed Sand, RockSmall 2x Small Stone, Cement 1x Cement Cement Mixer
CrushedSand Crushed Sand RockSmall 1x Small Stone Cement Mixer
Gravel Gravel RockSmall 10x Small Stone, CrushedSand 10x Crushed Sand Cement Mixer
Sand Sand CrushedSand 12x Crushed Sand Cement Mixer
Stone Stone CrushedSand 12x Crushed Sand Cement Mixer
Asphalt Asphalt CrushedSand 10x Crushed Sand, Cement 4x Cement, RockSmall 18x Small Stone Cement Mixer
Fertilizer Fertilizer RottingFlesh 10x Rotting Flesh, NitratePowder 15x Nitrate Powder, Dirt Fragment 10x Dirt Fragment Cement Mixer