“Chop down the biggest trees or zombies faster than Paul Bunyan with this great chainsaw that uses gasoline for fuel.”


The Chainsaw is multipurpose tool primarily used to cut down tree and wood blocks into Wood. Additionally, the Chainsaw can be used as a melee weapon. While the Chainsaw is effective as a melee weapon, it consumes fuel very quickly and its noise can attract other zombies.


After reading the Chainsaw Schematic, the Chainsaw can be assembled with the following items:


The Chainsaw require gas from Gas Cans in order to function. If the player has one or more Gas Cans in their backpack, the Chainsaw can be fueled by pressing the reload key.

The Chainsaw can hold up to 200 gas from Gas Cans.


Repair Kits can be used to repair the Chainsaw or the player can use a Workbench to combine duplicate individual parts into a single higher quality part.

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