Image Item Entity ID# Entity ID name
Cabinet Top
HayBale Hay Bale
White Picket Fence
Wood Farm Fence
Wood Fence
Wood Railing
Wooden Desk
Bed01 An Old Bed
BurntForestGround Burnt Forest Ground
Camo Netting
Camo Netting Block
Camo Netting Corner
Toilet03 Commercial Toilet
DestroyedStone Destroyed Stone
Toilet02 Fancy Toilet
BurntForestGround Forest Ground
FridgeBottom Fridge Bottom
Gas Barrel
BurntForestGround Grassy Ground
Iron Desk
Iron Table
Bed02 King Size Bed
Leather Couch Arm 549
Leather Couch Corner 550
Leather Couch Middle 551
Mail Box cntMailbox
Mail Box cntMailBox01
Mail Box cntMailBox02
Mail Box cntMailBox03
MetalSignLetter a Metal Sign A 1800 metalSignLetter_a
MetalSignLetter b Metal Sign B 1801 metalSignLetter_b
MetalSignLetter c Metal Sign C 1802 metalSignLetter_c
MetalSignLetter d Metal Sign D 1803 metalSignLetter_d
MetalSignLetter e Metal Sign E 1804 metalSignLetter_e
MetalSignLetter f Metal Sign F 1805 metalSignLetter_f
MetalSignLetter g Metal Sign G 1806 metalSignLetter_g
MetalSignLetter h Metal Sign H 1807 metalSignLetter_h
MetalSignLetter i Metal Sign I 1808 metalSignLetter_i
MetalSignLetter j Metal Sign J 1809 metalSignLetter_j
MetalSignLetter k Metal Sign K 1810 metalSignLetter_k
MetalSignLetter l Metal Sign L 1811 metalSignLetter_l
MetalSignLetter m Metal Sign M 1812 metalSignLetter_m
MetalSignLetter n Metal Sign N 1813 metalSignLetter_n
MetalSignLetter o Metal Sign O 1814 metalSignLetter_o
MetalSignLetter p Metal Sign P 1815 metalSignLetter_p
MetalSignLetter q Metal Sign Q 1816 metalSignLetter_q
MetalSignLetter r Metal Sign R 1817 metalSignLetter_r
MetalSignLetter s Metal Sign S 1818 metalSignLetter_s
MetalSignLetter t Metal Sign T 1819 metalSignLetter_t
MetalSignLetter u Metal Sign U 1820 metalSignLetter_u
MetalSignLetter v Metal Sign V 1821 metalSignLetter_v
MetalSignLetter w Metal Sign W 1822 metalSignLetter_w
MetalSignLetter x Metal Sign X 1823 metalSignLetter_x
MetalSignLetter y Metal Sign Y 1824 metalSignLetter_y
MetalSignLetter z Metal Sign Z 1825


Night Stand
Toilet01 Toilet
OfficeChair Office Chair
Old Couch Arm
Old Couch Corner
Old Couch Middle
BurntForestGround Plains Ground
PottedPlant Potted Plant
Refrigerator Refrigerator
FridgeTop Refrigerator Top
Reinforced Metal Siding
Sand Sand
Scrap Iron Table
Store Shelves
Torch Torch torch
Wood Table
Wooden Chair

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