“Why go out and risk your life scavenging when you can build your own parts?”


The Do It Yourself (Perk) is unlocks several different recipes related to crafting electrical parts.

This perk initially requires Science (Skill) Level 1 and Construction Tools (Skill) Level 30 and unlocks the recipe to craft Mechanical Parts.

Players then need Science (Skill) Level 7 to unlock the Insulator and Electrical Parts recipes.

Finally, Science (Skill) Level 10 is needed to unlock the Electronic Components recipe.


The Do It Yourself (Perk) unlocks the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Mechanical Parts Mechanical Parts ForgedSteel 2x Forged Steel, DuctTape 1x Duct Tape Workbench Do It Yourself (Perk) Level 1
Insulator Insulator ScrapIron 2x Iron (Forge), BrokenGlass 10x Glass (Forge), ClayLump 20x Clay (Forge) Forge w//Tool & Die Set Do It Yourself (Perk) Level 2
Electrical Parts Electrical Parts Insulator 1x Insulator, ForgedIron 1x Forged Iron, DuctTape 1x Duct Tape Workbench Do It Yourself (Perk) Level 2
Electronic Components Electronic Components Electrical Parts 1x Electrical Parts, ScrapBrass 1x Brass (Forge), Scrap Plastics 1x Scrap Plastics Workbench Do It Yourself (Perk) Level 3

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