“Eggs can be eaten raw but should be cooked. Used in several campfire recipes.”


Egg is a food item that is primarily found in Bird Nests, Coolers, and should be cooked at the Campfire. Consuming Egg raw causes the debuff Food Poisoning and reduces Stamina and Wellness.

Egg can cooked in the early game with just Bottled Water to make Boiled Eggs or used in the late game to create strong foods like Bacon and Eggs or Blueberry Pie.

Food Poisoning

If eaten raw, the player will gain the negative buff Food Poisoning. This negative buff lasts 30 seconds and will have the following effects on the player:


Egg cannot be crafted and can only be found from looting Bird Nests and Coolers.

Bird Nests can be found on the ground in every biome, but the tall grass in the Plains and Forest Biomes can make it difficult to see them.

Coolers are often found on the road next to cars and at intersections.


Egg is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
BaconAndEggs Bacon and Eggs RawMeat 1x Raw Meat, Egg 2x Egg Campfire
BlueberryPie Blueberry Pie Blueberries 1x Blueberries, BottledWater 1x Bottled Water, CornMeal 1x Corn Meal, Egg 1x Egg Campfire
Eggboiled Boiled Egg BottledWater 1x Bottled Water, Egg 1x Egg Campfire

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