Goldenrod Flower is a plant used to craft Goldenrod Tea in 7 Days to Die.


Goldenrod Flower is a plant that can be found growing in the wild or grown from Goldenrod Seeds.

The primary use of Goldenrod Flower is to craft Goldenrod Tea, a drink that restores a large amount of Hydration and Stamina.


Goldenrod Flowers are most often found in the following biomes and areas:

  • Pine Forest
  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Rural Areas

Used in Recipes

Goldenrod Flower is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Required Workstation Learned From
GoldenrodSeed Goldenrod Seed Goldenrod Flower 1x Goldenrod Flower
GoldenRodTea Goldenrod Tea Goldenrod Flower 1x Goldenrod Flower, BottledWater 1x Bottled Water Campfire with Cooking Pot

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