“A common part for a chainsaw or auger. Assemble with other parts to create a complete tool once you've read the right schematic.”


The Handlebars are a crafting component used to construct Minibike Handlebars, the Auger, and the Chainsaw. They can also be scrapped for six Iron. This item has no other uses.

Handlebars can crafted at a Workbench or found through scavenging. Most other Handlebars can be found from Workstiffs Crates, at Gas Stations, or in Garages.


Handlebars can be crafted at the Workbench Workbench with the following items:


Handlebars are used in the following recipes:

Item Material Required Crafting Station Learned From
MinibikeHandlebars Minibike Handlebars

Handlebars1x Handlebars, DuctTape 2x Duct Tape, Headlight 1x Headlight, Electrical Parts 5x Electrical Parts, ShortIronPipe 2x Short Iron Pipe

Workbench Minibikes for Dumbshits
Auger Auger

Handlebars 1x Handlebars, SmallEngine 1x Small Engine, AugerParts 1x Auger Parts, AugerBlade 1x Auger Blade

Auger Schematic
Chainsaw Chainsaw

Handlebars 1x Handlebars, SmallEngine 1x Small Engine, AugerParts 1x Chainsaw Parts, ChainsawBlade 1x Chainsaw Blade

Chainsaw Schematic

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