“A headlight is useful for creating a vehicle and lighting.”


The Headlight is a resource item used to craft several items, most commonly used to make Minibike Handlebars.

This item can be melted down in the Forge for Glass (Forge) or scrapped from Broken Glass.


While the Headlight cannot be crafted, it can be found from looting or using a Wrench to harvest from Sedans.

Undamaged Sedans and Car Wrecks (Sedans with no color), have a chance for the Headlight to be harvested when using the Wrench.

Headlights are most often found from looting Sedans and Working Stiffs Boxes.


Headlight is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
EndTableLamp End Table Lamp Wood 5x Wood, Headlight 1x Headlight, Electrical Parts 3x Electrical Parts, DuctTape 4x Duct Tape, Scrap Plastics 4x Scrap Plastics Workbench
MinibikeHandlebars Minibike Handlebars Handlebars 1x Handlebars, DuctTape 2x Duct Tape, Headlight 1x Headlight, Electrical Parts 5x Electrical Parts, ShortIronPipe 2x Short Iron Pipe Workbench Minibikes for Dumbshits
Spotlight Spotlight Headlight 1x Headlight, Electrical Parts 8x Electrical Parts, DuctTape 2x Duct Tape, ScrapIron 50x Iron Workbench Electricity Basics (Perk) Level 2

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