Meat Stew is a Food item found from Looting or crafted at a Campfire with a Cooking Pot.


Meat Stew is a Food item that is cooked in a Campfire equipped with a fuel source and a Cooking Pot.

When consumed, Meat Stew increases the players Fullness, Health, and Wellness. Meat Stew is an excellent source of Fullness and Wellness but can attract zombies if left in the player's bag or Toolbelt.

Placing Meat Stew in a container such as a Cooler, Storage Chest, Campfire, or Minibike will prevent the strong smell of Meat Stew from attracting zombies.


Prior to crafting Meat Stew, the player must have a Campfire with a Cooking Pot.

The following materials are required to craft Meat Stew:

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