“This perk will unlock recipes for electrical devices.”


Melee Traps (Perk) allows the player to craft the Electric Fence Post at level 1 and the Blade Trap when level 2 of this perk is purchased.

This perk requires the player's Science (Skill) to be at level 4 to purchase and Science (Skill) level 6 to purchase the second level.


When purchased, Melee Traps (Perk) unlocks the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Electricfencepost Electric Fence Post ForgedIron 5x Forged Iron, Electrical Parts 2x Electrical Parts Workbench Melee Traps (Perk) Level 1
BladeTrap Blade Trap ForgedIron 10x Forged Iron, ForgedSteel 10x Forged Steel, Mechanical Parts 8x Mechanical Parts, Electrical Parts 6x Electrical Parts Workbench Melee Traps (Perk) Level 2

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