“Increase both block damage and harvested resources while decreasing the stamina used with mining tools.”


Miner 69er is a Perk that increases the damage mining tools do to blocks and reduces the stamina used per swing with a mining tool.

This perk is extremly helpful when using an Iron Fireaxe or Steel Fireaxe and when using an Iron Pickaxe or Steel Pickaxe. Both the Fireaxe and Pickaxe consume lots of stamina when used, Miner 69er helps to alleviate the high stamina usage and increases how much each tool gathers.


The following items are influenced by Miner 69er:


Level Block Damage Stamina Degradation Harvest Count
0 100% 100% 100%
1 120% 90% 100%
2 140% 80% 100%
3 160% 70% 110%
4 180% 60% 125%
5 200% 50% 150%

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