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Navezgane County Arizona is the main map in 7 Days to Die. All other maps created by the game are randomly generated. Future player maps may be introduced by way of Prefabs and modding. 

Navezgane has several different Biomes and Areas:

  • Burnt Forest - Desolate land, offering limited resources. Burning wood piles on the ground will cause 'Burning' to players who step on them, which is a negative buff similar to a bleed as it does damage over time.
  • Cities - Contain the most amount of zombies in the map. Cities have many useful resources such as weapons, tools and food and water.
  • Desert - Aloe Vera can be made into a lotion, Yucca plants can be made into juice. Catus fruit can be eaten. 
  • Forest - Contain an abundance of trees and wildlife. There are fewer zombies in the forest than in the city.
  • Nuclear Fallout Zone - These serve as a barrier preventing the player from going off-map.
  • Plains
  • Snow - Lower temperature here - Players will need clothing protection and warm foods to survive this climate.
  • Wasteland
7d2d map

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