Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to introduce this new category more for the fact that this game has progressed greatly since its Alpha launch and has yet to add a wider variety of basic zombies. We currently have the nurse, red dress (jut being formal) zombie, underwear zombie, crawler zombie and the lumberjack zombies. I excluded the fat zombie, spitting zombie, as well as the dog and the bee's due to them being classified as special. A wider variety would make it seem repetitive when a we fight the zombies. If you were to think of it realistically there will be many different types of people in the world of a apocalypse therefore many different types of zombies. At least five or six more as a addition for the next update. This added with the most recent updates will make it a lot more interesting. Weather effects as well but that can be used as a different topic on its own. Navezgane has become quite a beautiful and gruesome world but now it would be awesome to work on its inhabitants. Great Job Devs keep it up.

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