“Oil is a key ingredient for crafting repair kits.”


Oil is a common resource item used to craft Repair Kits. Additionally, this item can be used to craft Molotov Cocktails.

Oil has no other uses and cannot be scrapped for melted down.


Oil is a commonly found item when scavenging and can be found when using a Wrench to harvest from a Sedan.


Oil is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
MolotovCocktail Molotov Cokctail Cloth 1x Cloth Fragment, GasCan 30x Gas Can, Oil 1x Oil, EmptyJar 1x Glass Jar
RepairKit Repair Kit ForgedIron 1x Forged Iron, Oil 1x Oil, Cloth 1x Cloth Fragment, DuctTape 1x Duct Tape

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