“Paper can be used with other ingredients to make shotgun ammo, blunderbuss ammo, TNT and more.”


The Paper can be found through scavenging and is used to craft several types of ammo and explosives.

Paper is often found in Mailboxes, Filing Cabinets, and Office Desks.

This item can also be used as fuel in Campfires and Chemistry Stations.


Paper is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
ShotgunShell Shotgun Shell Buckshot 1x Buckshot, GunPowder 2x Gun Powder, Paper 1x Paper Workbench Shotgun Shell Crafting (Perk)
BlunderbussAmmo Blunderbuss Ammo RockSmall 1x Small Stone, GunPowder 1x Gun Powder, Paper 1x Paper
StickOfDynamite Stick of Dynamite YuccaFibers 1x Plant Fibers, GunPowder 18x Gun Powder, Paper 8x Paper Workbench
StickOfDynamite TNT YuccaFibers 1x Plant Fibers, GunPowder 20x Gun Powder, DuctTape 1x Duct Tape, Paper 10x Paper Workbench

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