“Meat can be eaten raw but is better charred, grilled, boiled or made into stews at a campfire.”


Raw Meat is a Food item primarily used when cooking to craft different foods and can be found in Coolers, Refrigerators, Refrigerator Tops. and Fridge Bottoms. Additionally, Raw Meat can be harvested from dead wild animals. The player will need to attack the dead animal with a knife (left click on PC) to harvest Raw Meat.

Although Raw Meat can be eaten without being cooked, the player will gain the Food Poisoning debuff. Its recommended to craft raw meat into Boiled Meat early on, then Charred Meat and Grilled Meat later.

Once the player is able to, saving and cooking Raw Meat into Meat Stew will provide the most Fullness and Wellness.

Food Poisoning

This debuff lasts 30 seconds and causes the player to lose 10 points of Stamina every second.

Used to Craft

Raw Meat is used to craft the following items:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
BaconAndEggs Bacon and Eggs Egg 2x Egg, RawMeat 1x Raw Meat Campfire w/Cooking Pot
BoiledMeat Boiled Meat RawMeat 1x Raw Meat, BottledWater 1x Bottled Water Campfire w/Cooking Pot
CharredMeat Charred Meat RawMeat 1x Raw Meat Campfire
GrilledMeat Grilled Meat RawMeat 2x Raw Meat Campfire w/Cooking Grill
MeatStew Meat Stew RawMeat 5x Raw Meat, Potato 5x Potato, Corn 5x Ear of Corn, BottledWater 1x Bottled Water Campfire w/Cooking Pot

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