“A part of the nailgun. Assemble with other parts to create a complete nailgun once you've read the nailgun book.”


The Rechargeable Battery is a part of the Nailgun and the Flashlight. Before assembling the Nailgun, the player must find and read the Nailgun Schematic.

This item cannot be crafted and can only found through scavenging.

Scrapping and melting

  • Scrapping this results in 15 Lead.
  • Rechargeable Battery can be melted into 15 Lead (Forge) in the Forge.



The Rechargeable Battery is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Nailgun Nailgun 1x Nailgun Frame 1x Nailgun Frame, Nailgun Receiver 1x Nailgun Receiver, Nailgun Parts 1x Nailgun Parts, Rechargeable Battery 1x Rechargeable Battery Nailgun Schematic
Flashlight02 Flashlight ForgedIron 1x Forged Iron, Rechargeable Battery 1x Rechargeable Battery, Electrical Parts 10x Electrical Parts, DuctTape 4x Duct Tape, Scrap Plastics 4x Scrap Plastics Workbench

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