“A Rocket Launcher shoots rocket propelled grenades. Can be re-assembled & repaired once you've read the Rocket Launcher Schematic.”


The Rocket Launcher is an assembled projectile weapon that fires Rockets to deal large amounts of damage in an area.

The Rocket Launcher can only be assembled once the player has found and read the Rocket Launcher Schematic.


After reading the Rocket Launcher Schematic, the Rocket Launcher can be assembled with the following items:


The Rocket Launcher can be repaired with Repair Kits.


The Rocket Launcher's damage is based on the damage its ammunition does. As of A16 the only ammunition for the Rocket Launcher is a Rocket.

Image Name Entity Damage Block Damage Effects
Rocket Rocket 350 500 Explosion:
  • Entity Radius: 5
  • Block Radius: 5

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