“Learn how to assemble and repair rocket launchers and craft rocket ammo by reading this schematic.”


The Rocket Launcher Schematic teaches the player how to craft the Rocket Launcher, its ammo: Rockets, and the rocket launcher related parts used in the construction of its ammunition.


The Rocket Launcher Schematic can be scrapped for 5 Paper.


Reading the Rocket Launcher Schematic teaches the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
RocketLauncher Rocket Launcher RocketLauncherBarrel 1x Rocket Launcher Barrel, RocketLauncherReceiver 1x Rocket Launcher Receiver, RocketLauncherParts 1x Rocket Launcher Parts, RocketLauncherStock 1x Rocket Launcher Stock, Flashlight02 1x Flashlight (Optional) Rocket Launcher Schematic
Rocket Rocket RocketTip 1x Rocket Tip, GunPowder 16x Gun Powder, DuctTape 3x Duct Tape, GasCan 100x Gas Can, RocketCasing 1x Rocket Casing Workbench Rocket Launcher Schematic
RocketTip Rocket Tip ScrapLead 10x Lead (Forge), 6x ClayLump Clay (Forge) Forge w/Tool & Die Set Rocket Launcher Schematic
RocketCasing Rocket Casing ScrapLead 50x Lead (Forge), 30x ClayLump Clay (Forge) Forge w/Tool & Die Set Rocket Launcher Schematic

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