Rotting Flesh is a Food item dropped from zombies in 7 Days to Die.


Rotting Flesh is a Food item commonly dropped by zombies, or can always be found by using a harvesting tool on a zombie's corpse.

Rotting Flesh is only used to create Fertilizer or can be eaten if the player is lacking food.

Food Poisoning

If a player consumes Rotting Flesh, they will gain the Food Poisoning debuff. This debuff will decrease the player's Stamina by 10 every second, for 30 seconds.

Other than reducing Stamina, Food Poisoning has no other effects. If a player is in danger of dying to hunger, Rotting Flesh should not be overlooked as it provides +10 Fullness.

Used in Recipes

Rotting Flesh is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Required Materials Crafting Station Learned From
Fertilizer Fertilizer RottingFlesh 10x Rotting Flesh, NitratePowder 15x Nitrate Powder, Dirt Fragment 10x Dirt Fragment Cement Mixer

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