“Can be used with long shotguns to do more damage. Can be crafted after reading the schematic. Hold reload to use alternate ammo.”


The Shotgun_Slug can be crafted or found through scavenging and is used as ammunition for the Shotgun. This type of ammunition does not work with the Sawed-off Shotgun.

Shotgun Slugs are most often found in Shotgun Messiah Crates at Shotgun Messiah Stores but have the possibility to be scavenged from any object in-game.


This item can also be scrapped for Brass or melted down in a Forge for Brass (Forge).


Players must find and read the Shotgun Slug Schematic before being able to craft this item.


Shotgun Slugs can only be crafted at a Workbench Workbench with the following materials:

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