“A common part for a chainsaw, auger or minibike. Can be used to make these items once you've read the schematic.”


The Small Engine is a component used to craft several high-end items in 7 Days to Die.

When used in the Auger, Chainsaw, and Minibike, the quality of the Small Engine can change the following stats:

  • How noisy the item is when in use
  • Max speed of the Minibike
  • Max acceleration of the Minibike
  • How much fuel the item uses when in use and the rate it consumes fuel
  • How much fuel the item can hold


The Small Engine cannot be crafted and instead must be found through scavenging or harvesting. The most common way to obtain a Small Engine is to use a Wrench and harvest/dismantle from a Sedan.

When scavenging, the Small Engine can be found in Working Stiffs Crates.


Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Auger Auger Handlebars 1x Handlebars, SmallEngine 1x Small Engine, AugerParts 1x Auger Parts, AugerBlade 1x Auger Blade Auger Schematic
CementMixer Cement Mixer ForgedIron 25x Forged Iron, Spring 4x Spring, SmallEngine 1x Small Engine, Mechanical Parts 10x Mechanical Parts Workbench Concrete Mixing (Perk)
Chainsaw Chainsaw Handlebars 1x Handlebars, SmallEngine 1x Small Engine, AugerParts 1x Chainsaw Parts, ChainsawBlade 1x Chainsaw Blade Chainsaw Schematic
Mini bike Minibike MinibikeHandlebars 1x Minibike Handlebars, MinibikeSeat 1x Minibike Seat, MinibikeChassis 1x Minibike Chassis, SmallEngine 1x Small Engine, LeadCarBattery 1x Lead Car Battery, MinibikeWheels 1x Minibike Wheels, Optional: ShoppingBasket 1x Shopping Basket, Padlock 1x Padlock Minibikes for Dumbshits

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