“A part of the sniper rifle. Assemble with other parts to create a complete sniper rifle once you've read the schematic.”


The Sniper Rifle Receiver is one of the parts required to assemble the Sniper Rifle.

In order to assemble the Sniper Rifle, players must first read the Sniper Rifle Schematic.


When combined with the other Sniper Rifle parts, the Sniper Rifle Receiver sets the following stat:

  • Range: 96 - 160


The Sniper Rifle Receiver can be scrapped for 1 Iron.

If placed in the Forge, a Sniper Rifle Receiver will produce Iron (Forge).


The Sniper Rifle Receiver is most often found in Shotgun Messiah Stores, Supply Crates, and on dead Infected Police Officers.

The Sniper Rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and finding the related parts can be difficult due its rarity. Players may want to record when they looted Shotgun Messiah Stores, so they can come back once the loot has respawned. By default, loot is set to respawn every 30 days.

Used to Craft

Sniper Rifle Receiver is used to assemble the Sniper Rifle:

Image Name Materials Required Learned From
SniperRifle Sniper Rifle

PartsSniperRifle barrel 1x Sniper Rifle Barrel
Sniper Rifle Parts 1x Sniper Rifle Parts
PartsSniperRifle receiver 1x Sniper Rifle Receiver
PartsSniperRifle stock 1x Sniper Rifle Stock

Sniper Rifle Schematic

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