“You know what to do! Turn it into first rate drinking water over a campfire, of course.”


Snowball is a gathered item from snowy ground and is used to craft several different kinds of beverages.


Snowball cannot be directly crafted but is instead gather with a shovel (Stone Shovel, Iron Shovel, Steel Shovel) or when the player his their hands to punch the ground.

This item can only be gathered in the Frozen Biome from the ground.


Snowball is used to craft the following items:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
BottledRiverWater Bottled Murky Water Snowball 1x Snowball, EmptyJar 1x Glass Jar Campfire
BottledWater Bottled Water Snowball 1x Snowball, EmptyJar 1x Glass Jar Campfire w/Cooking Pot
CanBoiledWater Boiled Water Snowball 1x Snowball, EmptyCan 1x Empty Can Campfire
Snowball Snow Snowball 12x Snowball

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