Snowberry Extract is a crafted material used to create Snowberry Juice.


Snowberry Extract is a crafted material used in the creation of Snowberry Juice.

On its own, Snowberry Extract should not be consumed and cannot be used to create items other than Snowberry Juice.

If consumed, Snowberry Extract will reduce the player's health by 10, stamina by 20, and wellness by 1. Additionally, the player will get the Snowberry Poisoning debuff.


Snowberry Extract can only be crafted at the Chemistry Station Chemistry Station with the following materials:

Used to Craft

Snowberry Extract is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Required Crafting Station Learned From
SnowberryJuice Snowberry Juice BottledWater 1x Bottled Water, Blueberries 2x Blueberries, Sunblocker 1x Snowberry Extract Campfire

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