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Tools/Traps is a crafting group type in the Crafting window. Tools are used primarily to gather and harvest Resources but many can also be used as melee weapons if needed, specifically those the character can hold in their hands. Traps are used to slow or damage enemy creatures. They can also do equal harm to the players if they do not take precautions or are aware of their surroundings. Spikes can cause bleeding and landmines can instantly cause death. Toos and traps listed in this game include"

Image Name Durability Entity Damage Block Damage Range
Chainsaw 16 3 2
Fireaxe 2.1
Auger 16 2 2
Shovel 1-600 8 1 2
Sledgehammer 2
Gardening Hoe 300 5 1 2
Water Bucket
Repair Tool 500 10 0.2 2.2
Stone Axe 2.1
Repair Kit
Claw Hammer 1-600 2.1
Stone Shovel 1-600 2
Iron Pickaxe 1-600 2
Steel Pickaxe 1-600 2
Tool & Die Set
Cooking Pot

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