Trader Bob - 7 days to die

Traders were added in Alpha 15 and are set up in indestructible buildings and scattered around the map. They sell a variety of items players can purchase for Dukes.

Trader structures are identified with a large flag and most seen are trailers located inside a fence, along with other structures. This is known as a Trader Settlement. Traders will have an open sign lit if available to purchase or trade with. Their hours are: 06:05 to 21:50.

Since the settlement cannot be destroyed by zombies or players, it may seem like a safe place to camp, but after closing, players will be removed and the doors will be locked. 

Some traders are pleasant to talk to and others are very rude and obnoxious. 

Traders will also have Vending Machines available in their area.


The items and the quality per trader will vary. If a player has an increased Barter skill, they will be able to access the Trader's Secret Stash which contains better quality items.

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