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Tons of crafting potential to make new weapons. Like this sawed-off shotgun. Don't get too close though!

Weapons are of course an important aspect of 7 Days To Die. Without them, your struggle for survival may be shorter than you'd like! 

There are multiple types of weapons available. Some can be crafted, some must be assembled from existing parts found while looting and scavenging. 

Image Weapon Type Range Speed Ammo Repaired with
Reinforced Iron Club Melee 2.2 1.33 Scrap Iron
Spiked Club Melee 2.2 1.33 Forged Iron
Wooden Club Melee 2.2 1.33 Wood
Barbed Club Melee 2.2 1.33 Forged Iron
Sledgehammer Melee 2 1.8 Forged Iron
Wood Spikes Trap
Wood Log Spike Trap
Fireaxe Melee 2.1 1.1 Forged Iron
Barbed Fence Wire Trap
Hunting Knife Melee 2.2 Forged Iron
Bone Shiv Melee 2.2
Hub Cap Land Mine Trap 1
Air Filter Land Mine Trap 2
Tin Land Mine Trap 1
Crossbow Ranged 200

Crossbow Bolt

Iron Crossbow Bolt

Steel Crosbow Bolt

Exploding Crossbow Bolt

Pipe Bomb Grenade
Barbed Wire Perimeter Fence
Large Bone Melee 2.2
Stone Axe Melee 2.1 Small Stone
Auger Melee 2
Wooden Bow Ranged


Iron Arrow

Steel Arrow

Flaming Arrow

Shovel Melee Forged Iron
Gardening Hoe Melee Forged Iron
Wrench Melee Forged Iron
Claw Hammer Melee Forged Iron
Stone Shovel Melee Small Stone
Iron Pickaxe Melee Forged Iron
Steel Pickaxe Melee Forged Steel
Machete Melee Forged Iron
Rocket Launcher Ranged Rocket
Chainsaw Melee
Pistol Ranged 9mm Bullet Repair Kit
Sniper Rifle Ranged 7.62mm Bullet Repair Kit
Sawed-off Shotgun Ranged Shotgun Shell Repair Kit
SMG Ranged 10mm Bullet Repair Kit
Shotgun Ranged

Shotgun Slug

Shotgun Shell

Repair Kit
Hunting Rifle Ranged 7.62mm Bullet Repair Kit
44 Magnum Ranged 44 Magnum Bullet Repair Kit
Blunderbuss Ranged Blunderbuss Ammo Repair Kit
AK 47 Ranged 7.62mm Bullet Repair Kit

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