“Yucca fruit is edible and can be juiced to gain a bit of water. It is harvested from cacti and yucca plants.”


Yucca Fruit is a gathered raw food item that can be eaten for a minor increase to Fullness and Stamina. This item can be gathered from Yucca Plants in the Desert Biome.

Yucca Fruit can also be crafted into Yucca Juice, a drink that gives a large boost to Stamina and Hydration.

Players can also craft Yucca Seeds from Yucca Fruits, to grow their own Yucca Plants.


While Yucca Fruit cannot be crafted, it can be gathered and or grown from Yucca Seeds. Players should look for Yucca Plants which can be found in the Desert Biome.

After gathering Yucca Fruit, Yucca Seeds can be crafted. These seeds can be planted to grow additional Yucca Plants. No specific biome is required to grow Yucca Plants.


Yucca Fruit is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
FoodYuccaJuice Yucca Juice YuccaFruit 4x Yucca Fruit, EmptyJar 1x Glass Jar
YuccaSeed Yucca Seed YuccaFruit 1x Yucca Fruit

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