“Yucca juice can cool you, hydrate you, and give you the stamina of a sexual tyrannosaurus.”


Yucca Juice is a crafted beverage made from Yucca Plants and a Glass Jar. When consumed, Yucca Juice restores 15 Hydration, 15 Stamina, and grants the Cool Drink buff.

Due to the abundance of Yucca Plants in the Desert Biome, this drink can be crafted easily and is an excellent alternative to Bottled Water.

Yucca Juice can only be crafted and is not found randomly looting.

Cool Drink

The Cool Drink buff lowers the player's temperature 14%. It is recommended to drink Yucca Juice or Red Tea when the player has the Overheating debuff.

The Overheating debuff looks like a small teapot above the player's health bar.


Yucca Juice can be crafted with the following materials:

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