The Zombie Dog is type of zombie that always runs, is faster than normal zombies, and usually travels in groups.


Zombie Dogs are one of the most dangerous types of zombies and often account for many player's early game deaths. Zombie Dogs are dangerous because:

  • They always run, Zombie Dogs run during the night and day, and they run faster than the player.
  • Zombie Dog's attacks can inflict the Bleeding and Infection debuffs.
  • They often travel in groups of 2 - 4

Zombie Dogs are most often found in medium and large cites (Perishton, Diersville, and Gravestown), and in the Wasteland Biome. They can also be specifically found at the Junkyard POIs.


Zombie Dogs can also be harvested for animal related items. They player should equip a knife (e.g. Hunting Knife or Bone Shiv) and should use it on the Zombie Dog's corpse. This action will produce the following items:

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